Minutes 4/23/09

Friends of Boulder Knoll Minutes April 23, 2009

Initial discussion started with finances.  Carol had receipts from Brenda for the NOFA order, soil testing, and other items totaling $1923.  Ian will bill at the first of May for the shed materials.  The cost will be $1450.27.  A final quote for a Porto potty has yet to be provided.  It was agreed that Brenda’s expenses be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Carol reported that the Apple Valley Bank account balance is $10,397.33 and the foundation has approximately $2600.

We have a waiting list for the CSA.  It was decided to inform people on the waiting list of their number and of our intension to add about 10 more July shares depending on production.  Also, it would be a good time to measure their interest for one of these shares.

The discussion then focused on compensation for Brenda.  Tim recommended structuring the agreement with Brenda as an independent contractor.  The board agreed to the independent contractor structure.

Tim also presented options for Workman’s Compensation Insurance for Brenda.  The Board agreed to purchase the significantly higher coverage for about $100 more costing $1168.  Our general liability insurance policy is due in July ($406).  The subject of Harvest insurance came up.  The restaurant requires it; Tim will look into the coverage.

The contract discussion then led to formalizing our communication with Brenda with a Board Liaison.  Bob Giddings was nominated and accepted for the position.  The Liaison’s primary responsibility is to maintain clear communications between the Board and the Farmer and to ensure issues and needs are addressed promptly.

The Board also agreed to establish a committee to evaluate the performance of the CSA, to identify any operational changes that are needed to improve the CSA’s performance for next year.  It was suggested that the Board should include one Board member (Bob Giddings), one CSA member and one outside person.  Anne Giddings was suggested as an outside member who could head the committee.

The board then discussed the issue of establishing FOBK as a 501c.  Greg volunteered to call Wiggins and Dana in regards to a pro-bono filing.

The discussion then continued to a membership list that perhaps Jill has.  There was a suggestion that we should get this list to Susan who is keeping a database for FOBK.

Kim then presented some announcements from Brenda.  There will be a Brownie troop at the farm Saturday planning potatoes and making row markers.  There will be a workday on May 31st that the Kol Ami members can attend.  Brenda is also scheduling a potluck kick off for the CSA members.

Education programs are to be discussed more fully in future meetings.  Kim is collecting a natural inventory team and is aiming for evenings to perform these surveys.

Paul Hammer then presented his fundraising proposal for our involvement in a Tour de Farms bike tour on September 12th.  A Bio-diesel Bus would transport riders from New Haven to Middletown.  They would ride from Middletown past our Farm and then to the Rail Trail and ending at Edgerton Park during CT Folk Fest.  FOBK responsibilities would be to try to get pledges, encourage people to ride and get a sponsor.

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