Minutes 3/26/09

Minutes from March 2009 FOBK Board Meeting

Kathryn Frund, one of the intensive work-share CSA members, is present.  She is going to write and photograph a CSA journal of the farm this year. She also is the liaison for those making CSA sign for the farm.

Top of the agenda: Contract agreement with Brenda. Ben Alderton converted job description into an agreement.  Tim is taking on determining the Contractor vs. Employee relationship between Brenda and FOBK.  Kim provided a book, a guide to direct farm marketing, which discusses CSAs and the employee vs. contractor.  Tim is also taking the Farm Family insurance policy and will call regarding coverage requirements for the CSA and Brenda.  Jeff will send Tim the accountants contact information.

There was a general discussion about making the agreement flexible to adding more summer shares and adjusting the compensation accordingly.

A toast for the start of the CSA!

Important issues remained to be clarified with regards to the farm lease.  A discussion of Chespercott’s Loraine and her choice of what rules we should be following. Perhaps CT Farm Borough could help.

We are not yet a 501c. We will need to claim section F income.  We will likely need workman’s comp insurance. Tim will investigate this.

Felis is negotiating with Ocean State Job lot for $65/100 bags for produce.

Treasurer’s report:

We have 23 shares signed up for the CSA

$5744 in Apple Bank account

$2227 with the foundation

Costs:  State entity fee $250

Tax prep   $75

PO box $36/ 6 months

  • Carol is working on expected expenses and cash flow for the summer.
  • Point was raised for someone to ask Ben if he would complete our 501C filing ($500 to file).
  • Brenda got building/zoning permits for sheds (thought it would only be $50)
  • Jeff said he’d fill out the Farm Tax Exemption form.
  • Jeff said he’d be in touch with Kate Altobello regarding making our CSA application available at the Beautification Committee’s Exhibit at the Cheshire Chamber expo.
  • Brenda – posted an FOBK page on Local Harvest for our CSA.  Dan may have also posted one.
  • Dan is doing a good job keeping up to date on our webpage.
  • Chesprocott – Jeff agreed to contact regarding water and sanitation
  • Tool Shed – Building Permit was pulled for a 12×12 with a metal roof . Will exceed original budget at $1460 + donated labor.
  • A Veggie Shed 22×24 will also be constructed.
  • Liability Form – Jeff to email to Kimberly for duplication

April Work Days :

A general invitation will go out to all members to include an email RSVP to Brenda indicating what you would like to volunteer to do. She is especially interested in those who will do carpentry with Ian.

Brenda also needs the complete CSA list with email contacts and phone numbers  (Carol will send that to her). Carol will inform Kerry Deegan and the police about the upcoming workdays.


Susan and Greg have worked on the fundraising letter and they will take care of sending it out to everyone on all our contact lists. Thanks Greg and Susan

Paul Hammer came and spoke to us about the possibility of Boulder Knoll participating in Charity Bike-a-thon as a fundraising activity.

1. FOBK would be related to a health initiative based on our ambition to be sustainable and organic.

2. Using the Tour de Farms model (Kingsmark Resource Conservation District) – people would ride to the farm – have a dinner – see some sort of performance at the farm.  There is one scheduled for Sept 12 which may be done in conjunction with Green Expo and a folk festival

3. Paul agreed to talk to the committee of Tour De Farms and act as a liaison on our behalf.  He will explore the possibility of this happening in Cheshire under their auspices and other possibilities. All present agreed that he should explore the options available with the understanding that we are all stretched pretty thin at this point and did not have  a great deal of time to devote to a big on site fundraiser.

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