Greetings from Boulder Knoll Community Farm

Hello all

Thanks to everyone who came out for our last work day on April 4th. We built the walls of the tool shed, cleaned up (A LOT!), cut many weeds and multiflora rose, hauled more than a truckload of compost, and staked out the future herb garden. We had fun and got lots accomplished.

A reminder about the upcoming work day on Saturday April 18. We will haul more compost, stain the tool shed and set up the shelves, put up deer fence, and lay out the herb garden. Everyone is welcome! Please bring tools (paint gear if you’re planning to paint – we’ll used water based stain), water, lunch, work gloves, hat. Come any time between 10 am and 4 pm to help. Please let me know you’re coming. 

Check out our website periodically for updates from the farm. There’s a page for CSA members.

We’ll be using the site to let people know about what’s coming up in the harvests and weather-related harvest postponements. We’ll share pictures, recipes, announcements, links and news. Many thanks to Dan Groberg who is staying on top of this for our community.

Here’s another copy of the last announcement that has a few more details. I’m adding a special call for wood chips for our paths. If anyone knows of a tree service who would like a place to dump their chips, please let me know (or arrange it yourself). I’ll meet the truck at the farm any time to show them where to dump.


Greetings to the members of Boulder Knoll Community Farm CSA from your farmer, Brenda Caldwell.

The field has been harrowed and the peepers are peeping. Let’s get this wonderful farm going!

An invitation

You are invited to a  barn raising and work day at the farm. Please come – We need your help.

April 18th – 10 am to 4 pm (come when you can; leave when you must)

We’ll finish jobs we started on the 4th, PLUS 
Set up tables in the veggie prep shed [Not ready yet]
Start making compost piles
Paint and put shelves up in the tool shed 
Haul more compost
Plant herbs and flowers [lay out herb garden]
Set up the deer fence.

Contact Brenda at 393-1245 or respond to this email to let me know who’s coming and what you might like to do.

Bring tools (pruning loppers and saws, rakes, shears, shovels) work gloves, water, and lunch.
If you’re planning to do carpentry, bring a hammer, tape measure, cordless drill and bits, safety glasses, etc.

Please do come and bring your energy and enthusiasm. It’ll be a great way to continue building our Boulder Knoll Farm community.
All are welcome.

Farm wish list

Newspapers in paper bags (please remove glossy ads) and large sheets of cardboard
1 gallon clean milk or water jugs with tops (lots are needed in April)
leaves for our compost and mulch (all the time!)
wood chips
sturdy metal fence posts (called t posts I think) the longer the better
large coolers (latch can be broken)
blue ice for coolers
battery powered radio and rechargeable batteries
a large sink or small tub
good sized watering cans
Rubbermaid tubs for harvesting
tool organizers for the tool shed (hooks, clips, magnetic strips)
garden tools (in decent shape, long and short handles, no old scythes please)
A decent riding mower that could pull a trailer

Any of these items can be brought to the farm on Saturday the 4th or 18th or call Brenda at 393-1245 for other options. We can always use fence posts and leaves, so keep them coming! Call me about any of the big items.

12 hour work shares

I am looking for a person who would be willing to be my liaison to the other sharers for scheduling work. This would entail organizing the membership list so we know who is available when. Also the person would call other sharers if I have work that needs doing including harvest and distribution. I need someone organized and not afraid of making a bunch of phone calls. You could do this for your 12 hour work contribution and if it takes more time, could pass it off to someone else. Please let me know if you are interested. [I got a couple of responses for this call – Thanks.]

Membership – We’re full as of 4/3/09. We may add a few more shares in July.

I will be publishing the membership list to our group. If you do NOT want your information included please let me know.

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