Calling all Friends of Boulder Knoll!  

All are invited to a special meeting on Thursday, March 27, at 7 pm at 474 Maple Avenue, Cheshire.

This meeting is special because we have been invited by the Planning Committee of the Town Council to make a proposal for using two acres of Boulder Knoll for agricultural and educational purposes this year.  We will be presenting a proposal (a concept document, not a detailed proposal like before) to the Planning Committee in early April.  If the Planning Committee and the Town Council accept our proposal, we will be able to start working on a piece of land — and we will need everyone’s help to get started.

Here is the agenda:

  • Brief review of the current situation at Boulder Knoll, the offer from the Planning Committee, and the goal-setting and ideas developed by the Board at our recent workshop
  • Goals for this year and for this piece of land

Issues we need to resolve to get started:

  • Our specific plan for the land for this year
  • Our plan for involving the community in this town-owned land
  • Our policy on use of agricultural chemicals
  • Equipment
  • Seeds and other planting stock
  • Other materials (lime, other soil amendments and/or fertilizers, mulch,
  • agrichemicals if any, etc.)
  • Water
  • Labor
  • Marketing products
  • Educational and Community programs
  • Finances and Fundraising
  • Proposal(s) to present to Planning Committee, Town Council, and Town
  • Staff

I don’t expect we will resolve all of these issues on Thursday night, but
I hope we will  identify people who will get to work on researching each
of them.

Directions:  Email for directions or additional information. 

See you then!  

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