Updates from The Friends

March 2007. Vol. 1, Number 1


Board of Directors’ Update
The Board of Directors of Friends of Boulder Knoll is continuing its efforts with the leadership of the Town of Cheshire, to achieve our goals for Boulder Knoll Community Farm. Progress to date includes:

The Town Council voted to support our request for an Environmental Review Team (ERT). This ERT Is a free service of Southwest Conservation District and will provide information regarding the natural resources of Boulder Knoll Farm. We are doing what we can to assist the town in the application process.

Board of Director Vice-President Bob Giddings is working with the town to develop a plan for mowing of fields on the south side of Boulder Road. This land is designated for conservation and trails for public use. Bob anticipates commencing this work in the spring.

The Board of Directors is also continuing their efforts to educate the Cheshire community in the values of local agriculture and celebrate agriculture in town. Planning is underway for a fall Celebration of Farming in Cheshire, sponsored by Friends of Boulder Knoll. Events currently in the planning phase include:

A three part documentary film series focusing on Connecticut farms and community farming

A photo and artifact exhibit at the Cheshire Library, including historical images and farming implements from Cheshire and the state.

In efforts to help spread our message now, and facilitate communication with the town, a Friends of Boulder Knoll informational flyer is in the process of being printed, and our website is up and running (see below for details). We have also donated to Dodd Middle School and Cheshire High School one copy each of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Footage Gardening. We hope this resource will inspire Cheshire’s students to get their hands in the soil. Donations for the town’s elementary schools will be made soon.

Upcoming Events

Friends of Boulder Knoll Adult Education Series. 3 Mondays, 7:00-8:00PM: The FBK is sponsoring a series of one hour classes/ discussions at Cheshire High School as part of the Adult Education Program. Each session will be led by a member of the Board of Directors and will address one element of our vision for Boulder Knoll.

Monday, 3/19- Kim Stoner will discuss the decline of farmland in the state of Connecticut, the importance of preserving and using farmland, and community farming.

Monday 3/26- Dr. Bob Giddings will discuss Wildlife and Land Management on the Farm.

Monday 4/2- Jill Casertano will present and discuss Community Supported Agriculture, its origins, goals and models in the state of Connecticut.

Hike of Boulder Knoll. Saturday, May 19 9:00-10:15AM – Town of Cheshire is sponsoring a ¾ mile hike on the Boulder Knoll property. Park at the old barn and meet at trail head kiosk on north side of Boulder Road. Rain date is Sunday, May 20th. Pre-register with Suzanne Simone, Environmental Planner, 271-6670.

It would be great to have lots of members at these events!

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