Two Articles on CSAs

Last week, the Hartford Courant featured two great articles on CSAs. Here are some excepts… Don’t forget to click through for more! In case you have forgotten about our own CSA, don’t hesitate to visit to read all about it. 

Work Share Farmers Swap Sweat For Veggies

At community-supported farms, families can buy a “crop share”— generally paying about $500 — that entitles them to a specified amount of the farm’s produce every week. Because families pay early in the year, the system allows farmers to generate cash flow early in the planting season, as well as avoid the market vagaries of selling through a middleman. In addition, the CSA program is gradually transforming local farms and drawing many new players into agriculture.

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Reaping Your Share Of A Farm’s Harvest

Amenta, the graphic designer, said buying into a local harvest has helped her not only get fresh local produce but also learn about the value of supporting area farms and organic agriculture.

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