MRJ: Council extends Boulder Knoll lease

Council extends Boulder Knoll lease
By: Jesse Buchanan
Meriden Record-Journal

CHESHIRE – The Boulder Knoll farm will be expanding from educational farming to community-supported agriculture in the summer with the help of soil improvements and a full-time farmer.

“We’re able to really start improving the soil and making some investments to make tool sheds and add water,” said Kim Stoner, Friends of Boulder Knoll Farm.

Town residents donated the sheds, along with plants. The water tank will allow more consistent irrigation, according to Stoner, since the property has no well.

The organic farm will sells shares in the year’s harvest which are paid out weekly, a goal the Friends had been planning for since they started the farm last year.

The non-profit Friends of Boulder Knoll leased two acres of the property last year to showcase chemical-free farming and sustainable techniques. Boulder Knoll is town-owned open space on Boulder Road.

“This agreement shows a commitment on the town’s part to continue that relationship with the Friends of boulder Knoll,” councilor Laura DiCaprio said during Tuesday’s Town Council meeting. The $1 lease was approved unanimously during the meeting.

Stoner said the longer lease will allow her to apply for state and federal grants with greater likelihood of success. The farm was also now more attractive to potential farmers.

“People who give want to know you’ll be there for a few years,” she said. The longer lease will also help with fundraising in the community.

“We already have a lot of people in the community help us out, and that will increase as we get more established.”

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