Minutes from November, 2007 Meeting

Minutes of November 29 Friends of Boulder Knoll Meeting 

Attendees:  Greg Melville   Jeff Rapoport

            Fellis Jordan   Ron Gagliardi

            Carol Goetz   Kim Stoner

            Bob Behrer   Jill Casertano 

1. Review of Holistic Goal and Beginning of Revision Process: 

Kim directed the group to reconsider our holistic goal, and revise it, so that as decisions are made in the year ahead, they reflect our holistic goal. We need to reconsider that we see ourselves as doing or wanting from/for  Friends of Boulder Knoll in the future.

(The following is a copy of notes from group brainstorming) 

What do we want to manage? What can we manage?

  • Advocacy of open space: Advisory, providing info to town staff, presence at town meetings.
  • Educational programs
  • Resource base: membership, professional groups, NRCS. SWCD, WLA, Adult Ed class attendees
  • Resource base: Information accumulated
  • Community’s understanding of land use
  • Decision makers: Board of Directors
  • Assets- $200.00 
  • Collaboration with others: Town Council, Cheshire Land Trust, Farmers in Town, Quinnipiac Watershed Association, Cheshire Audobon Society.

Our Quality of Life Goals

  • Open space, farms   – less organized play
  • Friendly reliable community – allowing nature to thrive
  • Kin gentle community  – “parks that kids build”
  • Slower pace
  • More people walking
  • Town that provides for its own needs
  • Kids out in nature


2. Coming Release of the ERT: Elaine S. promises the release of the ERT the first week in December. It will be available on the ERT website. Jill, Kim and Fellis will look it over before next meeting.

– Discussion of the need to review the ERT, prepare something for the press, the town, and members, and then determine what we want to propose to the town.

Bob cautioned to be careful with how we present our ideas to the town- we want avoid the presumption from the town that we are trying to take control.

  • Jill will contact M. Milone to determine how the town will progress the ERT, what the process will be and who we should contact regarding the ERT.


3. Thanks to Diane Visconti- we missed the final meeting of the Town Council. Ron will ask permission to present thanks to Diane at the Democratic Town Committee meeting on Dec. 9.  

4. Community Foundation of Greater New Haven: Final wording of the agreement has been approved, and signed. We will need to make an initial deposit of approximately $1,000.00 in order to get started. Jeff will make inquiries as to their recommendations for a cash account for small expenses.  

5. Education component: We need explore future ideas for developing programs in elementary schools. Chapman School PTA member has contacted Jill for information regarding any programs they could sponsor. Maria Novia’s name was mentioned as a local person who gives talks regarding healthy snacks, etc.  

Next Meeting Date: 12/13/07 tentative goals: revisit holistic goal, activism local vs. state level, ERT, organizing adult ed program for the spring.

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