Minutes 2/26/2009

FOBK minutes 2/26/2009

The meeting started with the issue filling the position of Secretary of FOBK.  Tim agreed to continue to take the minutes on a temporary basis.  Bob and Carol agreed to split up “thank you” notes to donors and new members.  The remaining tasks will be handled as needed.

CSA. The focus of the meeting is preparing for the Winter Welcome event at Greg’s house on Saturday February 28th. The budget presented by the finance committee (Carol, Jeff and Tim) set the value of a CSA share at $400 for a 16 week season or $25/week).  This increase value over the original suggested price ($320) was to enable FOBK to cover the cost of Brenda’s employment.  The discussion then focused on how to handle Brenda’s employment status.  If she is an employee vs. a contractor, FOBK would have to cover the ~7.5% portion of the employers portion of FICA (Social Security, Medicare etc.).  Brenda’s salary would also increase if additional shares were added in the summer.

Sign up forms. To help cover start up costs the Finance committee also suggested to set up a “Seed Fund” where Guests on Saturday could fill out a charitable donation form and donate a suggested $30 to the fund.  The discussion then proceeded into the need to have forms made for Friday.  John offered to design a new FOBK membership form with different levels of giving (individual, family, patron, business…).  Tim volunteered to make a CSA packet with sign up form, modified explanation page and produce page.

Open House. The plan was to arrive by 1PM to help set up.  Jeff said the catering crew would arrive a little after noon.  Food and beverages seem to be set according to Greg.  Greg plans to call Jill for the FOBK Lawn signs.  Greg also described is vision of the general layout of the Saturday event including an artist showing and selling work. Tim’s Power Point presentation would be running downstairs on the big screen TV.

Town Interactions. Kim proceeded with a brief description of the negotiations with the Town.  At this point, Bob’s water is not an issue.  The maps provided were adequate for the proposed structures. Kim also talked with the Cooperative Extension about dealing with officials.  The suggestion was made that FOBK have a conversation with Rebecca Agar, Assistant Town Planner, who has a reputation in farmland preservation.  The meeting discussion continued on this front with the open question of also talking with Jerry Sitko, Economic Development Coordinator.  The discussion evolved into the desire to understand more about the water well system at the Farm.   Would the current well provide sufficient water for the plants. The question was raised whether Susan could find out more from Chespercott about the water well.  Kim also brought up that the town engineer (city works) had been very straightforward in discussions with FOBK and may provide helpful guidance with supplying power for a pump to the well.

Fundraising. Kim mentioned that Jill is continuing to talk with Whole Foods and will continue to pursue that fund raising avenue.  Kim and Greg will continue to refine the fund raising letter.  It was also mentioned that Paul Hammer would be present on Saturday and perhaps then we could find out more about his fundraising ideas.

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