Letter to the Editor

This Letter to the Editor appeared in the Record-Journal on March 18, 2007 and was written by FOBK President Kimberly Stoner, Vice-President Bob Giddings, and Treasurer Greg Melville

Boulder Knoll

Editor: We’d like to salute Cheshire Mayor Matt Hall and the entire Cheshire Town Council, which approved making application for the free, environmental review (ERT) of the town’s properties at Boulder Knoll. The Council acted promptly, after receiving the unanimous recommendations of both the Planning Committee and the Environment Commission. The nine Councilors also voted unanimously to officially request an ERT of the state’s Resource and Conservation District.

This environmental review will be a critical first step toward restoring and reclaiming the former Boulder Knoll Farm, as the Town has requested, for agricultural and recreational uses. Conducted by professionals from several regional, state and federal agencies, the ERT will provide important information on the soils, water, wildlife, geology and historic uses of the former Lassen farm – as well as the two, adjacent, town-owned lands.

With this data in hand, the citizens of town can decide what parts of the adjoining lands (previously, the Blauvelt, Jackman and Lassen properties) are suitable for agricultural production, educational programs, hayfield restoration, wetlands and wildlife habitat preservation, forest management and passive recreation.

The properties on Boulder Knoll, which are primarily open, agricultural lands, comprise the crowning gem of Cheshire’s “Green Belt” in the southeastern part of town. Now, seven years after the town’s citizens had the foresight to purchase the last of these – the former Boulder Knoll Farm (i.e., Lassen property) – it is exciting that, in the spring of 2007, its restoration will finally begin.

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