Letter to the Cheshire Herald

To the Cheshire Herald:

This is an exciting time for the Friends of Boulder Knoll.  Thanks to the Cheshire Town Council, we have a commitment for a three year lease on 2 acres of town-owned land at Boulder Knoll Farm.  We are now able to go ahead and hire a farmer, Brenda Caldwell, and start growing organic food for the community, providing education on a real farm, and donating food to the needy.

There are many people I would like to thank for helping us to get a farm started in this special place.  First of all, thanks to the Town Council, and particularly the Planning Committee:  Laura DeCaprio (chair), Matt Altieri, and Jimmy Sima – who also has been very helpful with information about water management, and who is donating pipe to Boulder Knoll.  Thanks also to the town staff, particularly Michael Milone and Suzanne Simone.

We have been fortunate to have many people and businesses in the community come forward to give or lend us materials:  Mike Tripodina of GroWell is lending us a temporary shed, Ian Meakin is donating his labor as a carpenter to direct us in building a tool shed, John Casertano of Casertano Greenhouses and Farms is donating plants, and Dr. Bob Giddings is donating water for irrigation.

We also had a successful Open House on February 28, hosted by Greg Melville, with the assistance of Susan Fox, and with food donated by Jeff Rapoport of Jordan Caterers.  The artist Bruce Dumas donated 20% of his sales for the day to the Friends of Boulder Knoll, which came to over $900.  We thank everyone who came to hear about Boulder Knoll, and who donated a food item for the Connecticut Food Bank.  We collected 118 pounds of much needed food for the Food Bank that day.

It has been wonderful to receive all the enthusiasm and ideas that have been bubbling up all over town, and we hope to continue to involve the whole community in learning about food, agriculture, and open space at Boulder Knoll.

Kim Stoner
President, Friends of Boulder Knoll

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