Help make the Boulder Knoll Tag Sale a success on 8/29/09


We are planning on having a tag sale to raise money to support the Boulder Knoll farm on Sunday, August 30th from 8 AM to 3 PM at 474 Maple Avenues. We will have a rain date of Sunday, September 13th.

Please start collecting items that you can donate for the sale — and ask your friends, neighbors and family for donations.  Starting next week I can either pick items up from you, or you can drop them off in the garage at Greg Melville’s house at 474 Maple Avenue.    We will have a table for books and one for clothes (please clean them first), in addition to everything else.  If there are items you think should have a firm price, please label them as such.  Otherwise, I will price everything and anything that does not sell by the end of the day will be donated to Goodwill.  From 3 PM to 5 PM all items will be offered at 1/2 price.

We will also have a table to sell perennials that have been recently divided.  If you have a picture of the plant — either a photo or one from a catalog, that would help.  Please put in pots and label everything, as I want to make sure that aggressive growers are clearly marked.  I can pick plants up at the same time as any donated items.

I am looking for volunteers for the following:

  1. Making signs and putting them out the night before on Route 10.
  2. Making flyers and putting them up on bulletin boards at churches, grocery stores and other businesses the week before.
  3. Putting ads in local papers and asking organizations to list them on their activities lists.
  4. Setting up early on Sunday AM.
  5. Cleaning and pricing items the week before.
  6. Working at the tag sale such as helping with the cash box, wrapping items, providing information about Boulder Knoll.
  7. Helping to clean up at the end of the day.

Email me if you can help, and/or if you have any suggestions. Does anyone know if we need a permit for a tag sale in Cheshire?

We will also need plastic grocery bags for items, folding tables and a tent to put the plants under.

The farm has been a great success this year, despite the rainy weather.  Donations of produce, educational opportunities for city kids and delicious produce have all been orchestrated by Farmer Brenda and her crew. There have been some large upfront costs, and there remains quite a lot to be done.  I think the tag sale will earn us some money (all money will be donated to Boulder Knoll Farm) and give us another opportunity to tell folks about all the exciting events occurring at the farm.  Please help us make it a success!

Susan Fox-Erlich

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