Great News from our Sister Farm

More great news from our friends at Massaro Farm in Woodbridge:

Dear friends,

Last night the Woodbridge Board of Selectman granted us a 10-year lease to Massaro Farm.

This is a significant milestone. It will allow our non-profit group, Massaro Community Farm, to begin work on the barn and house. We can now prepare the fields for growing crops in the summer of 2010.

Our next step is to begin community fund-raising by asking our supporters to become members of Massaro Community Farm. We’ll send an email soon explaining our annual dues.
We are grateful to the Board of Selectmen, and we thank you all, as always, for your support.
Here’s to the first of many decades of farming at Massaro Farm.

Best wishes, 
Cathy Shufro
Board Member
Massaro Community Farm

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