FOBK President in the Record-Journal

FOBK President in the Record-Journal

Friends of Boulder Knoll President Kim Stoner was featured on the front page of this morning’s Record-Journal for her work with Friends of Boulder Knoll and with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.¬†

Entomologist earns award for work at Boulder Knoll

Jesse  Buchanan, Meriden Record-Journal
April 5, 2010 

CHESHIRE – Kim Stoner is fascinated by diversity – insect diversity, that is.

“I was a soybean insect sorter for a year, and that’s the sort of thing where you either love it or you hate it,” she said.

Stoner loved it, and has worked for the past 22 years as an entomologist with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven after earning her Ph.D. in entomology from Cornell University.

Preserving diversity among insects and natural habitats is a primary concern of the Cheshire resident, who was named an Outstanding Partner in Support of Natural Resource Conservation by the Southwest Conservation District, which covers Fairfield and New Haven counties. That award was given in part for Stoner’s work at the experiment station, but also for her involvement with the Boulder Knoll Farm on Boulder Road.

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