Boulder Knoll Friends Roll Out Plans

Our recent Letter to the Editor thanking the Town of Cheshire and others for their help in getting work started at Boulder Knoll:

Editor, The Cheshire Herald,

The Friends of Boulder Knoll, a non-profit community organization, has just signed a lease with the Town of Cheshire to start farming two acres of land, a small corner of the 150 acres the town owns at Boulder Knoll.

This is a very exciting oppurtunity for us. Because it is late summer already, we will begin now with a small gardening operation with much of the produce to be donated to the Cheshire Food Pantry. This fall we will focus on growing cover crops and setting up composting, so that we can build up the soil for a larger farming operation next year.

We would like to thank the Cheshire Town Council. and particularly the Planning Committee — Laura DeCaprio, Matt Altieri, and Jimmy Sima — for giving us the oppurtunity to put our ideas to work on the land.
We would also like to thank the former chair of the Planning Committeee, Diane Visconti, for continuing to encourage us during the long period when we were trying to clarify an appropriate role for our organization in working with the town. And, we appreciate the work of Michael Milone and Suzanne Simone is working out the details.

Bill Bonominio, of Ives Farm, has offered to plow the field for us, and Dr. Bob Giddings, vice president of the Friends of Boulder Knoll, and next-door neightbor to the Farm, has already mowed the area and has generously offered his time and equipment to help us apply lime and harrow.

We hope to have our fall garden area ready for planting by Aug. 8, and invite anyone interested to come and help from 2 p.m. until we are done. More announcements will be forthcoming about volunteering at the farm and about an educational event in late September.

Kim Stoner
Friends of Boulder Knoll 

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