Boulder Knoll Communiy Farm in the Advocate

Looks like we missed this one. Alan Bisbort of Cheshire discusses Boulder Knoll Community Farm in his March 3 article The Party’s Over” in the New Haven Advocate.

“Where I live, this effort — no matter how nascent or small — can be seen in the revival of what was once the largest working farm in town. It’s more than a desire to return to New England quaintness. It may be the path to the future. The farm was acquired about 10 years ago as open space, soon after which the environment commission (on which I sat at that time) wrote a management plan for the property that included a farming component. But then it died, paralyzed by town hall’s petty bickering.

Out of frustration, a group of active citizens came together to pitch the idea of a community-supported agriculture (CSA) project on the farm. After much wrangling (and the loss of a season’s planting), they finally got the approval. The first crops are going in this year and shares are being sold even as we speak. It is a small step (two acres will eventually be cultivated), but it is a step, and the whole town is jazzed. As a “subscriber” in the past to a CSA in another town, I was astonished by how much food could be grown on half an acre of carefully tended land.”

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