Agenda for Meeting: 9-26-08

Agenda for Meeting: 9-26-08 

Introduction of guests/visitors Review of Fall Festival booth and thanks to everyone who helped Planning for educational event: If we decide to move to the rain date (Sunday) – how do we notify people? (And will the weather be any better on Sunday?) Signage, e-mail, maybe a phone tree?

Other planning: safety, signage, parking, tents, tables, water, literature for distribution Work day? (The last forecast I saw said 100% chance of rain on Friday afternoon, so we had better plan around that.) Other work on-site: Harvesting, Planting to fill in spaces Next work day?

Distribution of produce: What to sell, what to give away for a donation, what to give to Food Pantry? Discouraging the deer Annual meeting Location? Recruiting new board members

Making decisions about our goals for the coming year – we keep trying to be everything to everyone. Need to go back to our holistic goal and decide what our priorities are. Planning for fall/winter projects: composting, fundraising, getting 501c3 status, building relationships with community groups

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