Agenda for Meeting 12/18/08

Here is the agenda for the Friends of Boulder Knoll meeting at 7 pm on Thursday 12/18 at Fellis’s house. Please email for more information.


Follow up on tasks from annual meeting and November meeting:

  • Jill sent out an e-mail asking for volunteers in the membership.  Any response?.
  • Jeff has done research on water supplies and has information to share.
  • Jill has drafted a fundraising letter to Whole Foods for review.
  • Follow up on other fundraising ideas – revive the letter to individuals in the community? Plan an event? (Note:  Ron sent me a note that he may have to step back from Boulder Knoll activities for a while to look after his father, so we may need someone else to take leadership in fundraising).
  • Kim got permission from the town to collect leaves on the concrete pad.  Anyone still collecting leaves?  Or should we start this with spring clean-up season?
  • Finding a farmer:  Kim got back in touch with Brenda Caldwell, awaiting a response.  Other steps – we have suggested Jane Dunn, contacting farms with apprentices, contacting colleges with sustainable ag programs for summer intern (Yale, Wesleyan, CT College), contacting Lyman Hall (Vo-ag high school in Wallingford)
  • Kim contacted Laura DeCaprio about next Planning Committee meeting – not until January, date still uncertain.  Should we go ahead and ask town staff about Advanced Master Gardener Program for spring ?
  • Other tasks from last meeting:  Jonathan was to contact Wiggin & Dana, Greg to contact Tina Sullivan of BZA Geoenvironmental
  • *Progress on developing a business plan?
  • *Open lines of communication with Cheshire Land Trust about their farming plans and possibility of a CSA
  • Find someone to coordinate membership

New items (my own ideas):

  • Contact outlets for our food – Cheshire Food Pantry or other emergency food programs, Billy Bromage (Fellowship Place, coordinating program with social services in New Haven) Claire Criscuolo, Jordan Caterers — see what they want that we might be able to grow.
  • Get advice /brainstorm on farm planning – contact Walter Greist, maybe other organic farmers like Sam Hammer or Paul Bucciaglia,  Natural Resources Conservation Service or Southwest Conservation District.

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