Boulder Knoll Barn Demolished

We recently shared with you the news that the barn at Boulder Knoll was set to be demolished. Today, the town began the deconstruction process. We asked you to share your thoughts on the demise of the barn, and here’s what you had to say:

“I had hoped that the barn would become a vibrant headquarters and civic center for historical exhibits, education, experimentation, conservation, horticulture and agriculture: a place for local people to meet and participate in activities fostering responsible use of land.”

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“I would like to see the barn and the land around it used to highlight issues regarding the preservation our CT agricultural heritage, support existing local farmers & raise awareness of the importance of Open Spaces in our state.”

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“Simply saying that the barn would make a great educational site without taking all the financial factors into consideration is naive.”

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Thanks for all your help,
Friends of Boulder Knoll

P.S. We did learn some good news about the barn… Salvageable lumber—inlcuding 200 linear feet of center board and 19 first-floor columns—from the Boulder Knoll barn will be put to good use at the Ives Farm property in Cheshire! Can you support us so that we can continue fighting for sustainable communities?

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