Old McDonald had a farm.

Today, you might know the farm by its new name:
the suburbs.


Too many kids think a steak comes from the grocery store…

…not from a cow.

► Too many people are scared to get their hands dirty…

…or haven’t had the chance.

► Too many people have forgotten our past…

…farming included.

► Too much of our open land has been neglected…

…or turned into housing developments.

► Too many of our neighbors go hungry…

…or can’t afford healthy food.


We had enough.


So we created Boulder Knoll Community Farm

To provide hands-on educational opportunities ◀

for people of all ages, abilities, and levels of experience
in working with, understanding, and enjoying the land


 And to grow healthy, local, sustainable produce

for people just like you
and for people who struggle to put good food on the table

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